Introducing the New Mobile FIT 2000-3
Fitness-for-Duty/Impairment Screener

PMI has developed a unique technology to measure
human impairment. It's proprietary technology can assess whether
a person is significantly impaired by:
  • fatigue
  • legal medications
  • illegal drugs
  • alcohol
  • sleep deprivation
either alone or in combination.

   FIT 2000-3 Mobile Screener


  • Very portable at 19 pounds with Tripod stand
  • Saccadic velocity measurement frequency at 750 HZ
  • Integrated light meter to adjust for differing ambient light levels
  • Fixed position stand also available
  • Improved User Interface Training Guides
  • Fully integrated computer and database
  • .022 mm Pupil measurement resolution
  • Fingerprint reader to identify the individual
  • Network compatible

Scientific validation/Research Studies:

Considerable scientific validation has been performed by leading U.S. research organizations and researchers, including but not limited to: